Vertical Tilt Frame Band Saws

Vertical tilt frame band saws are capable of cutting through plastic, wood, bakelite, various composites, other non-ferrous materials, as well as steel, copper, and other metals.

These tilt frame band saws are capable of performing straight cuts, contour cuts, and resawing. Moreover, vertical tilt frame band saws are ideal for cutting metal at various different angles. There’s no need to manually readjust the material when you’re making use of a tilt frame band saw. Having absolute control over the angle of the cut saves you time, effort, and money.

Browse our selection of vertical tilt frame band saws. We also provide repair parts—should you determine that there is a faulty component is causing issues. Aside from that, we are always available to help you troubleshoot possible issues over the phone. If you want a quote or need further information, contact us today.

  •   V-2026NC

      Rectangle: 20" x 26.4"

  •   V-2230NC

      Rectangle: 22" x 30"

  •   AV-2026NC

      Rectangle: 20" x 28.3"