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SawLogix from MechaLogix is a revolutionary technology solution engineered to improve the overall performance of your machine and optimize the life of your saw blade. As a monumental addition to the metal-working and fabrication industry, the predictive analysis CPC SawLogix software monitors machine performance and band saw blade life closely, alerting you of excessive vibration, overheating, changes in fluid line pressure, and can even predict blade failure.

Blade Life Assessment is one of the key features of this industry-leading technology, offering detailed, real-time notifications, and blade breakage prediction. Adjustable alert notification settings work seamlessly with the mobile app which is available for all your IOS and Android-based devices. The types of conditions noted by the software are abnormal observations from motors, bearings, and frequent consumable items such as hydraulic and cutting fluid levels. When the cause of an issue is found, it is reported immediately, which, in turn, will ultimately decrease cost, maximize tool usage, and keep your production running efficiently.

In addition, CPC SawLogix production reports help you identify best practices and training needs on the machine, when to schedule machine maintenance, and how to control tool inventory and reduce purchasing costs. All of these things affect your bottom line. For more information on why CPC SawLogix is a smart investment for your business, check out the introductory video below, download our latest brochure or contact one of our technology product specialists today.