What types of lubricants are used on Cosen band saw machines?

General Purpose Grease
(Mobil Brand) Mobilith SHC 100

Can be found at your local Auto store:
(Lucas Brand) SAE 85W/140
(Mobil Brand) Mobil SHC Gear Series, SHC 600 series

(MOBIL BRAND) SHC 500 Series, Mobil DTE 10 Excel, Mobil DTE 20 Series,Mobil EAL Hydraulic 32 and 46.

What is the blade size for my band saw?

Blade sizes can be found on all Cosen model machines located on the manufacturer’s name plate. Please note: The information will be listed in millimeters. To perform the conversion, you will need to divide the millimeters by (25.4).
(EX. Blade length = 6604mm or 6604mm/25.4 = 260”)(260”/12”=21’6”)

What types of coolant can be used on Cosen band saws?

You can use any coolant type commonly found in most machine tool milling centers.
BRANDS: Lennox, Blazer, Etc.

There is no pressure showing on the system pressure gauge. What should I do?

This is most likely an indication that the phase wiring is backwards. By reversing any two of the three phase wires that supply power to the saw, your issue should be fixed. This is not uncommon with new band saw installations.