Horizontal Pivot Band Saws, Horizontal Mitering Band Saws



Semi-Automatic Mitering Horizontal Pivot Band Saw
This large capacity and compact sized machine needs relatively small space when compared to machines with the same capacity 330mm (13”). The SH-500M features hydraulic lifting of the saw frame and full stroke hydraulic vise. These features enable semi-automatic operation to securely hold the work piece, cut, and return the saw frame to a preset work height. Large, heavy-duty trunion and swivel ‘n’ lock mechanism allows for up to 60 degrees of mitering capability. An excellent choice for diverse job shop needs.


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Type of Saw Band Saw
Saw Type Horizontal Pivot Band Saw, Horizontal Mitering Band Saw
Automation Type Semi-Automatic
Mitering Yes
Capacity Round 13"
Capacity Round - Plus 45° 11.5"
Capacity Round - Plus 60° 8.7"
Capacity Square 11"
Capacity Rectangle - Height 11"
Capacity Rectangle Height - Plus 45° 11"
Capacity Rectangle Height - Plus 60° 11"
Capacity Rectangle - Width 19.7
Capacity Rectangle Width - Plus 45° 11"
Capacity Rectangle Width - Plus 60° 7.9"
Blade Speed - Min 102 fpm
Blade Speed - Max 377 fpm
Blade Length 163"
Blade Width 1"
Blade Height 0.035"
Blade Motor 3 HP
Hydraulic Motor 0.5 HP
Coolant Motor 0.125 HP
Automatic Indexing Length - Min 19.8"
Automatic Indexing Length - Max 256"
Workbed Height 32.3"
Machine Weight 2,178 lbs
Floor Space - Length 107"
Floor Space - Width 74"
Floor Space - Height 82"
* Design and specifications are subject to change without notice & obligation. Machines may be shown with some options.
  • Standard Features:
  • Swivel sawhead allows cutting at any angle between 0° (straight cut) and 60° (miter cut)
  • Hard stops at 0° , 45° , and 60° for quick angle set up
  • Integral coolant system
  • Blade drive equipped with variable pulley drive
  • Carbide guides
  • Synchronized blade brush
  • Work height selector
  • Built-in adjustable material stop
  • Full stroke machine vise
  • Optional Micro Droplet Applicator replaces traditional flood coolant system
  • Optional Accessories:
  • Mechanical stepless blade speed control device
  • Full stroke hydraulic front/rear vises
  • Vibration damper
  • Hydraulic nesting fixture
  • Power roller table
  • Roller table (2M) with side roller
  • Vise pressure regulator
  • Hydraulic chip conveyor
  • Deviation detector
* Design and specifications are subject to change without notice & obligation. Machines may be shown with some options.