Horizontal Pivot Band Saws, Horizontal Mitering Band Saws



Manual Dual Mitering Horizontal Pivot Band Saw
Comes equipped with manual vise and adjustable hydraulic down feed. It is an ideal tool for the small to medium machine shop, maintenance shop, metal fabricating shop, school, and limited run production work. It is a great machine for cutting solids, square, round, rectangle and tubing material. Its solid construction ensures many years of reliability and accuracy at a high level of performance.


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Type of Saw Band Saw
Saw Type Horizontal Pivot Band Saw, Horizontal Mitering Band Saw
Automation Type Manual
Mitering Dual
Capacity Round 10.2"
Capacity Round - Plus 45° 9.45"
Capacity Round - Plus 60° 6.3"
Capacity Round - Minus 45° 7.5"
Capacity Square 10"
Capacity Square - Plus 45° 8.5"
Capacity Square - Plus 60° 5.1"
Capacity Square - Minus 45° 7.5"
Capacity Rectangle - Height 11.6"
Capacity Rectangle Height - Plus 45° 8.9"
Capacity Rectangle Height - Plus 60° 6.3"
Capacity Rectangle Height - Minus 45° 7.5"
Capacity Rectangle - Width 9
Capacity Rectangle Width - Plus 45° 8.5"
Capacity Rectangle Width - Plus 60° 5.1"
Capacity Rectangle Width - Minus 45° 7.5"
Blade Speed - Min 122 fpm
Blade Speed - Max 231 fpm
Blade Length 116.7"
Blade Width 1"
Blade Height 0.035"
Blade Motor 1.6 HP
Power Requirement 220 volts
Machine Weight 748 lbs
Floor Space - Length 61"
Floor Space - Width 31.5"
Floor Space - Height 58.3"
* Design and specifications are subject to change without notice & obligation. Machines may be shown with some options.
  • Standard Features:
  • Hydraulic cylinder plus precision ground hinge support
  • Swivel frame design
  • Direct drive gearbox
  • Built-in integral coolant system
  • 1.6 hp motor
  • Carbide blade guides with roller bearings
  • Two additional guides enhance blade support
  • Cast-iron rigid guide arms
  • Blade tensioning system fitted with indicator gauge
  • Blade brush to remove chips
  • Heavy duty quick clamp/release vise
  • Adjustable down feed rate control with on/off valve helps prolong blade life, shorten cutting time and provides better finishes
  • Easy blade change
* Design and specifications are subject to change without notice & obligation. Machines may be shown with some options.